REDRAGON Keyboard and Mouse Set! On a Budget!

For those who are looking for a decent keyboard and mouse for gaming or casual use, look no further. There exists a company named REDRAGON in Shenzhen who makes such peripherals at a low cost with a surprisingly good quality and build. According to their website, they were engaged in research and development for brands such as Razer, HP, Dell, ASUS, Huawei and Lenovo. If it is true, it’s little wonder why their products are so well built.

I got myself the Vajra Keyboard and Centrophorus mouse set. Packaging aside, the devices are surprisingly good looking. The red and black colors look stunning together which delivers a really good visual experience. It also comes with braided cords and matching black/red combination instead of traditional rubber cords. If you are wondering how much is it, wait for it..


Redragon Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Redragon Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Vajra Keyboard

At first glance it’s not hard to notice the prominent WASD buttons painted in red. WASD are the most commonly used buttons in games especially in FPS (First Person Shooters). It comes with a feature to swap the functionality of the WASD with the arrow keys. This is useful for lefties to eliminate the trouble of constant configuration of keys in different games. To swap, press the FN + W key.


The bright red keys

Another feature is the disabling of the windows button. Imagine while in the heat of a battle, your hands rest on the windows button. Next thing you know, desktop. If you don’t want that to happen, press FN + WIN key.

Windows key next to the Ctrl buton

Windows key next to the Ctrl buton

The keys are clicky and provides a nice feedback. The sound it makes is on the loud side compared to my previous Microsoft keyboard. One thing to note is the keyboard layout, it’s using the UK layout so it might require some getting used to.

Centrophorus Mouse

The mouse is ergonomically designed with my palms resting nicely on the round portion. The buttons have a nice texture which provides grip for your fingers. The buttons are also arced upwards so your fingers will rest comfortably on them without sliding off.


Arced buttons

It features an additional 2 side buttons on the left where your thumb will place nicely. The 2 buttons have different textures so you will be able to differentiate which is which without having to look. All buttons are programmable with a software here which are produced by REDRAGON. It is especially useful even for non-gamers. Mine is programmed backward and forward which makes web surfing a breeze.

Centrophorus Mouse

Centrophorus Mouse

It also has a DPI toggle and backlight located below the scroll wheel which correspond to the following with every click of the toggle :

  • Low brightness               – 1000 DPI
  • Medium brightness        – 1600 DPI
  • High brightness              – 2000 DPI
DPI toggle

DPI toggle

It has a built-in counter weights which you can remove or add according to comfort and liking.

Counter weights

Counter weights

Things to note

The LED lights might be too bright and distracting for some especially in the night. Furthermore, It’s impossible to turn it off.

Bright LEDs!

Bright LEDs!

The sides of the mouse has holes and gaps on them. Dirt and dust might get trapped inside so it would be a good habit to clean it once in awhile.


Side button and gaps


The REDRAGON mouse and keyboard feel and build quality is really good, it definitely does not feel cheap at all. No loose parts or rattling and the braided cord really feels sturdy. For $39.90, I’m really impressed. Don’t be mistaken, even non-gamers can use this on a regular basis and for someone who wants something functional yet great looking, this will be a great purchase.



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